Monday, March 9, 2015



So, we had transfers today! I'm staying again here with Elder M! So this will be my third transfer here and the longest time spent with one companion.  Elder M is way cool so we are both looking forward to it and hope to baptize again this month or the next. 

Also, a volcano near us erupted this week! It just erupted a little bit and it is far enough away not to affect us, but it was cool to hear about it and to see the huge volcano smoking while working here in our sector. 

Anyway, also this week we had a district activity about temple work.  I am amazed at the work already being done all over the world in temples for those who never received the blessings of this great gospel. If you don't know about the temples of our church, or have questions about it, ask me because the doctrine is amazing and unique to our church.  Though I am involved mainly in preaching the gospel here in Chile, when I get back I look forward to being able to participate more fully in the work of the temple.

Have a great week!

Elder Peck

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