Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Excellent week



So this week was another excellent week.  Our investigators are progressing well and we found a few more that are really good!

So the best thing that happened was that the Diaz A family came to church!  So, the family consists of D, the dad who is paralyzed from the neck down, D, the mom, and the kids, V, M, and M.  D, D, and V all accepted baptismal dates for November and M and M are too young.  D and V came the last Sunday, and this Sunday was the first time for D.  Getting D to church in his wheelchair is a little complicated because they don't have a car and the church is far. It was a ward effort to get him there, two families helped take him and the wheelchair to and from the church and helped him in and out of the car and the church.  They loved the church and were grateful (as are we) for all the help of the ward members. 

Also, this week we found several new investigators, but the best are a mom and daughter named P and N.  We contacted them in the street and later stopped by their house.  They let us in and we taught them about the Restoration.  We went by again on Sunday with a few ward members and they helped us a bunch gain their confidence and teach the lesson.  We are excited to see their progress. 

Also, I ate a 2 foot long completo today and we played soccer with two zones and a few members in the morning!  Fun stuff.

Anyway, we are very grateful for the Lords help this week.  This is His work and He does it according to His will. Thanks for your prayers and emails!

Elder Peck

Monday, October 19, 2015

Excellent Week


So this week was excellent!

We started off the week with an awesome zone conference.  We talked about Attitude and how we can improve our own personal attitude to achieve greater success as a zone. A sister in our ward made sopaipillas for the whole zone and we watched a super motivating clip from "facing the giants."

We also found an excellent new investigator named D! She was a reference, and the first time we stopped by she wasn't there.  We decided to stop by this week and she let us in.  She accepted a baptismal date and wants her son to be baptized as well!  Were excited for them and hope everything goes well.  Her husband is paralyzed from the neck down, but is an awesome guy and has lots of faith.  This week we will start teaching the whole family.  D and her son and daughter came to church on Sunday.  The members accepted her so well that we hardly had to do anything! We are excited to see their progress.

Also, we saw the groundbreaking of the Concepcion Temple! We watched is via satellite in the stake center.  Elder Gonzalez and other General Authorities spoke about the blessing of having a temple and challenged everyone to prepare to enter while the temple is being built, using the rising walls of the temple over the next few years as a visual symbol of their spiritual progress.  Our mission president attended and translated for the wife of one of the general authorities, so it was neat to see him and Sister Bluth there.  They also a made a really cool video to go along with the ceremony that is similar to Because of Him that shows scenes of Concecpion and some members from our mission. 

We have been very blessed this week.  Its nice to know that God is our loving Heavenly Father.  Like a good parent, He is there to catch us when we fall and will keep us moving forward, but He will let us learn and grow on our own.  He will never abandon us. Even is we have a bad day, if we fail at something we worked hard at, even if all goes down the drain, we are still blessed more than we deserve, and we know that things will be alright. Thanks so much for your faith in me and your prayers.

Elder Peck

Monday, October 12, 2015


Concepcion Temple site


So this week was crazy fun.  We had transfers, so on Tuesday we were in the terminal all day welcoming and saying goodbye to missionaries.  We had all the trainers in our house that night so we ordered pizza from Papa Johns (which is like a big deal here haha)! Later in the week we went to a conference in Concepcion with President and Hermana Bluth. The conference was awesome.  It was in the mission home, Hermana Bluth made a huge cake and we had hot chocolate! Yeah!  But more importantly the Spirit was really strong as we listened to the counsel of our beloved mission president and his wife and to the promptings of the Spirit.  The mission house is about a mile away from the Concepcion Temple constuction site, so during the conference they took us over to see  it and talked about temple blessings there.

So those were basically the highights of the week.  Our investigator C is progressing well, even though opposition came into play and he couldnt come to church. We're finding lots of new people to teach and the ward is getting excited about missionary work.

Remember to Ponderize!
Thanks for everything!
Elder Peck

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

General Conference Weekend


So I just had my last general conference in Chile.  The stake was nice and set up a room for all the American missionaries to watch it in English.  It was nice to hear the voices of our beloved prophet and apostles.  It was exciting to sustain the new apostles and I'm excited to see the work continue to move forward. 

I learned that the Spirit can give customized counsel as we seek wisdom form God.  I learned that the gospel is simple and our effectiveness as disciples will increase as we strive to simplify.  I accepted the challenge to Ponderize - ponderize and memorize a scripture weekly (a few missionaries who watched it in Spanish got kinda confused when he pulled that out haha), and I'm excited to elevate my thoughts daily. 

I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God, just as much as I know any other important truth in my life.  The 12 apostles are also called of God as prophets seers and revelators.  I received during the conference many answers to questions, on my own behalf and that of my investigators, and direction. 

This week was otherwise somewhat slow.  The other high point of the week was the baptism of a couple in our ward! The other elders in our sector taught them and prepared them for baptism, but the service with beautiful and the Spirit was strong. 

This week we also had transfers, but my companion and I are both staying here.  We are both excited for the next six weeks and ready to see several more miracles. 

Thanks for everything and be sure to ask What lack I yet? and remember to Ponderize.  Have a great week!

Love, Elder Peck