Monday, October 27, 2014


So this week was great.  We worked really hard, found lots of new people to teach and are talking with anybody and everybody about the gospel.

News for this week

We did and intercambio and I went and worked in another sector.  We committed three people to be baptized in November!

A while back, this drunk kid tried to hit us with a stick.  Anyway, we met him again, only this time he was sober and pushing this old guy in a wheelchair. Long story short, the kid didn't apologize.  He  chased us, pushing the old guy, across the street haha, and so we hid in an Argentina restaurant until they went away haha!  It was way weird and me and my comp were laughing about it for a while.

We had an awesome English class. About 20 people came, including this really ancient old guy who played this magic flute at the end of the class.

I bought a rhino tie and a Houston Texans shirt at the outdoor market.

Painted a house.

Bought Dunkin donuts in Concepcion.

It was a great week.  Even if we don't know the first step forward, if we just take a step forward and work hard, God will direct us.  He cannot direct us until we start walking.  Our first step may have not been the perfect first step, but it allowed God to point us down the right path.  Going forward with faith is a principle we can apply everyday, at any moment and to face pretty much any problem.  I love this gospel.  It works.

I love my Heavenly Father and thank all of you for your support.  Have a great week!

Elder Peck

Read the Book of Mormon!

So this week was fantastic.

We are working really hard as a companionship to talk with more people and for more people to teach.  It's working really well! We found three great families that can progress and are receptive.  We are always wiped out at the end of the day, but we are being blessed with more people to teach and we are feeling the Spirit more.  I'm so grateful for Gods help and the guidance of the Spirit in our labors this week.

So, we went to this outdoor market to talk to people about our English class (which by the way is increasing in size finally).  There were a ton a people there, selling all kinds of fruits and vegetables and stuff.  This guy, whom I'm assuming was drunk, came a gave me a very kinda snuggly(?) hug and asked me to bless him haha.  So we said a prayer with him right there and then he gave us each a very long hug and left haha! It was so weird. Today we had a zone activity and played soccer and volleyball and ate sopaipillas.

Anyway, read Ether 12 in the Book of Mormon.
The Book of Mormon is true.  Once we know that, and once those we teach know that, there is little that can keep us back from the happiness that comes from knowing that the gospel is true.  As it says in Ether, faith gives us hope for a better world, and allows us to progress, even when we can't see ahead.
He offers an invitation at the end, to seek after this Jesus of whom the prophets have spoken.  Just try it.  Doubt not because ye see not.  We are not going to know until after the trial of our faith.  Of that I know.  God lives and He answers prayers.  He answers prayers. Just trust Him enough to follow Him, and you'll see that all that is said of Him is true.

Elder Peck

Sunday, October 19, 2014



So this week was interesting.  The zone leaders did a surprise intercambio with my comp and I, so I worked for two days with Elder E, and my comp worked for two days with Elder G, just as I did at the end of my training.  Same zone leader too, even tho I was in a different zone.
Anyway, the first morning, I got really sick all of a sudden.  It was weird.  So, as is tradition in Chile, I immediatley began recieving all kinds of weird Chilean remedies.  After rubbing healing oils on my throat and drinking Jarabe juice made from the leaves of this plant I dont know,  I was finally able to get a hold of some legitimate medicine haha!  I worked all the first day, but the mission nurse told me to rest the next day.  We worked a little anyway but I rested most of the day.  Anyway, its been a weird week, trying to get over it.  Im getting a lot better and Ive been able to work fine this week. My comp gave me a blessing, after which I got quite a bit better.
But, something really cool also happened.  We had some training meetings witht the Mission President which was really good.  Afterwards, one of the assistants, Elder R came and worked with us in our sector.  He is from San Antonio Texas, so it was cool working with another Texan.  He actually started his mission in our sector, so he took us to some people that he taught that were progressing but never got baptized.  We found one family.  The husband is looking for work and they expressed that our return visit after one year was very timely.  The husband accepted a baptismal date and we are going to be working with that family a lot the coming month.
Exciting stuff.  My comp and I are working hard to talk with everyone we can and to help our investigators progress.  It's awesome.  The Lord answers prayers and hears us.  I love my Father in Heaven.

Elder Peck

Sunday, October 12, 2014

So, this week was awesome

Nothing really crazy went on.  I went on splits with our district leader.  He went with my comp and I went with Elder S from Florida and we worked in his sector for the day.  First time that I had left the sector to work since being here.

We contacted this guy on the street and he started talking about how our religion believes that God is unkind and mean. I was blown away, as our beliefs help us know that God is just, but merciful and loving.  He was using all kinds of religious knowledge and information and I was trying to testify and tell our simple clear beliefs, trying not to contend, but also just trying to speak as he would not let us for much of the time.  And then out of the blue, this lady came up and asked the man if he had met the mormons before.  She said that she was a member of a different nearby ward, and immediately began to testify of the truth of the Book of Mormon and our message.  Shes was a little older and probably the kindest person I've met, but she was kind of telling this guy what's up.  She then said goodbye and headed off.  The guy wouldn't let us go, so after we left him, we looked for her but couldn't find her to thank her.  It was really cool anyway.

We were able to challenge two investigators to baptism and they both accepted, for which the both of us were really glad.  We have lots of work to do with them and we are praying that all goes well.

But, the highlight of the week was general conference.  The general conference of our church is a conference that is held twice a year, during the which the Apostles and the Prophet, the presidency of our Church, speak.  I know that the man we call a prophet really is a prophet.  This knowledge and belief were confirmed by the Spirit during the conference.  Just listen to him! He is a man called by God to speak to us.

I learned a lot from conference.  Afterwards, I felt spiritually filled.  It was like the feeling of satisfaction that comes after a big delicious Chilean lunch during a long work week haha.

They spoke about several topics, but a few that stood out to be was the importance of truth and finding out for ourselves.  We should seek answers to our questions, trusting in God rather than in the doctrines of the world.  We do it an an unbiased way by maintaining an open heart and having the sincere desire to know, as well as the real intent to act upon whatever asnwer we receive.  We were encouraged to trust and follow the Prophet, but to also seek confirming revelation for what our leaders say.  Our leaders are called by God and are not elected or choose to be in that position based on their own knowledge or experience.  

Also, the work of salvation was strongly reinforced.  they spoke of preaching the gospel, supporting one another (as brothers of the church or brothers outside the church) and about the sacred work of the temple.

Much mention was made to respecting our fellowman, giving to the poor and loving everyone.

We may disagree, but not be disagreeable.

A man without a purpose is like a boat without a rudder.

Our daily actions are based on our goals.  Let us have good goals.

Absolute truth exists.

We share the gospel not out of obligation, but out of the sincere desire we have to share the joy and happiness we have encountered therein.

These aren't word for word quotes, but some of the things that I got out of the messages.

I love this gospel. That is why I decided to preach it.  It helped me and it can help you.  Just use it every day.  I love Christ and I am so grateful for the gospel He gave us.

Elder Peck