Monday, October 27, 2014


So this week was great.  We worked really hard, found lots of new people to teach and are talking with anybody and everybody about the gospel.

News for this week

We did and intercambio and I went and worked in another sector.  We committed three people to be baptized in November!

A while back, this drunk kid tried to hit us with a stick.  Anyway, we met him again, only this time he was sober and pushing this old guy in a wheelchair. Long story short, the kid didn't apologize.  He  chased us, pushing the old guy, across the street haha, and so we hid in an Argentina restaurant until they went away haha!  It was way weird and me and my comp were laughing about it for a while.

We had an awesome English class. About 20 people came, including this really ancient old guy who played this magic flute at the end of the class.

I bought a rhino tie and a Houston Texans shirt at the outdoor market.

Painted a house.

Bought Dunkin donuts in Concepcion.

It was a great week.  Even if we don't know the first step forward, if we just take a step forward and work hard, God will direct us.  He cannot direct us until we start walking.  Our first step may have not been the perfect first step, but it allowed God to point us down the right path.  Going forward with faith is a principle we can apply everyday, at any moment and to face pretty much any problem.  I love this gospel.  It works.

I love my Heavenly Father and thank all of you for your support.  Have a great week!

Elder Peck

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