Thursday, January 30, 2014

Week Two

This week has been great, and as I have only a little bit of time, this email is going to be a little random.

Life is good here, the weather is great and we are all staying super busy. Even though we are inside most of the day, we study outside sometimes which is really nice.
Today is great, we have played a lot of volleyball and have taken care of a few things.
The food is super good.  We have tacos everyday for lunch and meat for every meal pretty much.  And like good meat.  I had three steaks for lunch the other day, so I'm getting fed! 
The other day we were teaching an investigator and we accidentally told him that the Atonement cleanses us of our fish, because Pescados are fish and Pecados are sins haha!
Oh, and Hermana H is from Allen and she knows my friends from there!  And, weirdly enough we saw each other at a concert in Provo.  She was roommates with one of my friends and I took their picture at the concert, which was crazy. 
We have awesome teachers here and I want to be like them.  Hermana V is our instructor, and Hermanos O, H, and V are also instructors and they are the best! They are all learning English while they teach us Spanish.

I have learned a lot while I have been here.  I have learned to pray more fervently, to talk with God.  I have learned that leadership is about humility and letting the Spirit guide, and that preparation is key.  I cannot wait to go out and preach this gospel in Chile.  I love you!

Elder Peck

Monday, January 27, 2014


Ok, I'll just start with my schedule.  We wake up at 6:30 every morning, pray, and get ready for the day.  We either have personal study as a district or breakfast by 7.  Then we have personal study at various times throughout the day, about 3 hours of classroom language study, lunch and dinner thrown in there somewhere, and like three hours of progressing investigator, which is interesting haha.  On our third day here we had to teach an entire 20 min lesson to an investigator completely in spanish.  It was crazy.  I have kind of gathered is probably actually a member of the church, but its kind of hard to believe.  But yeah, so every day we go in and talk to Carlos and teach him for 20 min in spanish.  Its pretty rough, cause we dont speak any english.  But thanks to spanish 3, we make it through haha.  I can tell what hes saying pretty much all the time, but its kind of hard sometimes.
My room is a small dorm room, nothing like new heritage haha.  There's a tiny front area with a table, no kitchen, one bathroom, three rooms with two beds each, except only two of the rooms are occupied.  You can see a lot of Mexico City through the window and its way cool.  You can see the favelas going up all the mountains all around you and the crazy streets outside the wall.
My companion is Elder Haws.  Hes from Utah, plays basketball, and is awesome.  They did a really good job at picking companions for everyone.  I can see it in my companionship and in everyone elses.
My trip went smoothly.  After I got thru security (by the way, they took my toothpaste which was lame.  I have some now tho), I sat by the gate and slowly more and more missionaries arrived.  I think there were like 12 of us or something.  So it helped a lot that there were a bunch of people there.  We filled out the forms all good, got on the plane, and had a great flight.  We were separate on the flight, but it was no problem.  The flight was so cool.  It was perfectly clear, and I was in the front so I could see everything out the window.  The mountains are huge and like giant ridges here in Mexico, and the DF is HUGE.  When we actually got over it, I couldn't see the ground anywhere.  Its so tightly packed for miles and miles.  Its super cool tho, all the houses are kind of multi colored and there's a lot of cool things to see.  We landed and went thru immigration and customs incredibly smoothly.  I couldn't really believe it actually.  Probably because there were so many of us.  They didn't x-ray my bags or anything.  Just had my show my passport and push a button, for some reason.  But after like an hour of waiting at the airport with a CCM worker, we got on the bus and drove thru Mexico City which was kind of awesome.  Everybody drives like a million miles an hour and the streets are half as big as in the US.  Everybody's honking and there are random dogs and people in the middle of the road and construction work going on just in the middle of the street with traffic just going around.  Its super crazy.  It was like that all the way until we pulled into the CCM, which is almost as beautiful as the temple.  They have huge stone security walls all the way around the complex, which is good, because we hear gunshots and cannons ALL the time! The cannons are like a tribute to saints from the churches or something? Im not sure.  Its crazy out there, but perfectly peaceful in here.  I love it tho.  Its super exciting to live in Mexico. 

The CCM is great.  The food is so good, and the weather is great.  Im running out of time here, so Ill wrap it up. I'm so excited to be here and it is so great.  I'm focused, trying to work hard, and am learning lots.  Elder Holland gave a great devotional form Provo that we watched on Sunday.  If you can find it somewhere, watch it because its amazing.  But he basically said that our first convert needs to be us.  I have also learned that I need to honor the names I wear on my badge.  

Wish I had more time, but I love you and hope you all have a great week!

First Week in The Mexico City CCM

Holy cow I have no idea where to start because this week has been so amazing!  Its super hard and insane, but its so cool and I am so glad Im here.  and sorry its taken so long to get back to you, this is the first opportunity I have had to email.  I have pday on tuesdays, so thats when you can expect an email

Anyways, the CCM is so cool! They keep it like the temple grounds almost and its super beautiful.  Everythings in spanish, and you have to use it a lot, even tho the CCM workers are super nice and most of them speak a little English.  We are only allowed to pray in Spanish, no English, and we greet everyone we see walking around in Spanish.  Im sort of praising Sr. Crawford haha because Im pretty far ahead of most of the Elders.  It s a real blessing.  Also,  I have a lot of typos on this because its a meixcan keyboard and its a little different to use.   The food is actually really good! 100% authentic Mexican comida.  I love it!  My companion is super great too.  His name is Elder Haws, and hes from Utah.  Hes sick at basketball, even though hes only distantly related Tyler Haws.  

Im being super random cause theres so much to talk about that I dont know how to say it haha.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I made it!

Leaving Dallas

Hey, Mom and Dad, Im here at the CCM.  All is well.  Dad, you were right, I sat right behind first class and smelled the food the whole way haha.  Mexico City is sweet, and the CCM is so amazing.  I'm about to go eat Mom! I love you!