Monday, January 27, 2014

First Week in The Mexico City CCM

Holy cow I have no idea where to start because this week has been so amazing!  Its super hard and insane, but its so cool and I am so glad Im here.  and sorry its taken so long to get back to you, this is the first opportunity I have had to email.  I have pday on tuesdays, so thats when you can expect an email

Anyways, the CCM is so cool! They keep it like the temple grounds almost and its super beautiful.  Everythings in spanish, and you have to use it a lot, even tho the CCM workers are super nice and most of them speak a little English.  We are only allowed to pray in Spanish, no English, and we greet everyone we see walking around in Spanish.  Im sort of praising Sr. Crawford haha because Im pretty far ahead of most of the Elders.  It s a real blessing.  Also,  I have a lot of typos on this because its a meixcan keyboard and its a little different to use.   The food is actually really good! 100% authentic Mexican comida.  I love it!  My companion is super great too.  His name is Elder Haws, and hes from Utah.  Hes sick at basketball, even though hes only distantly related Tyler Haws.  

Im being super random cause theres so much to talk about that I dont know how to say it haha.

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