Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving - Hunger and thirst after righteousness


So this week went by fast.  Nothing too special happened, but we had some success and learned a few things.

One of our investigators we've had for a while accepted the invitation to be baptized, which was surprising.  She said she received an answer to her prayer and feels the need to be baptized.  I was so proud of her for praying and doing so sincerely, as I know she did.  Those who read and pray sincerely cannot do so without receiving a witness of the truth.  She has some changes to make, and so we are working with her on those.  We are excited for her though.

Also we made some progress with a few of our others investigators.  One who has been looking for work for a while, is now working for a sister in the church, so she is being fellowshipped really well. We have been having trouble getting her fellowshipped into the ward, as she lives super far away from everyone, so it was a definite answer to prayer that she's working with the sister from the ward.

Other things from this week. Went on exchanges with my district leader.  Played soccer on this trashed court with a couple investigators and missionaries from our district.  Nothing much, but a good week.  I did learn several great things. I learned more about those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, as it talks about in the Beatitudes.  Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness are self motivated and cannot be accused of pride nor self righteousness, because it is a desire that God approves and wants us to have.  Even more, He blesses us for the desire and gives us opportunities to serve, and challenges to test us to see if that is really the desire of our hearts.  In a way, it is a form of keeping our baptismal covenant.

Thanks again for all the support.

Elder Peck

Thursday, November 20, 2014

10 months


So this week we challenged five people to baptism and they all accepted! We are looking to see how things work out.

We also had interviews with our Mission President and his wife.  They went really well.

We are teaching several people.  One is named R.  He is about 25 and has a 2 year old and is excited about starting his family.  We contacted him in the street and he is really receptive.

Another is a family we found recently.  Y and J are the parents and they have three awesome kids.

We are also teaching a lady named M.  She's not really receptive, but she's way cool and her kids all want to get baptized.

We are still teaching the family O, the investigator that gave me new shoes.  They are so awesome and they are starting to come to church.  We fasted for them yesterday and we are going to work hard with them this week.

I love my Savior and all He has done for me.  I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me.  Thanks to all of you as well. You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Love you all and have a fantastic week and read the Book of Mormon.

Elder Peck

Thursday, November 13, 2014

This Week!


So this week went pretty well.  I got to know my new companion, Elder C, and he got to know the sector.  Elder C is awesome.  He's got about 5 months in the mission and is from the jungle part of Peru.  Hes a funny guy and has great enthusiasm for the work.

This week we did a couple of fun things.  We played soccer with some investigators, had a picture taking ward activity, and went to the beach today as a zone.  The 20 or so of us missionaries in the stake went to the beach and made anticuchos, or meat shishkabob things on a shopping cart that our zone leader bought or found.  We played volleyball and soccer and had a good time.

The thing I learned this week that had the biggest impact on me this week is the importance of action in faith.  Everything that we do to grow our faith requires us to act, to start doing something we weren't doing before.  Whether we have many years as members of the church or few, or if we are not members, we can't grow our faith without acting.  Those who grow their faith are happy and have enthusiasm to go forward and are excited for the future.  Those who settle for the knowledge they have gained and the faith they already have don't have that same enthusiasm.  They don't really feel like getting up and getting going.  Growing your faith requires us to get going, and when we do, we will feel like going even further.  Things get even better.  It's way cool.  In the Book of Mormon there is a scripture that says that we have to awake and start moving and it is found in Alma 32:27.
Read it, and then read the rest of the chapter to find how to be happy.  And it works!

Thanks again for your prayers and support.

Elder Peck

Wednesday, November 5, 2014



So today I found out my transfer! Im staying in my sector and my companion is a Peruvian.  I'll meet him tomorrow.  I've been here for 5 months, and I have about a month and half left here as far as I know.

So this week we had a few holidays. Evangelical Day and Halloween are on the same day. All the Evangelicals (half of Chile, the other half is Catholic) celbrated with lots of preaching in the streets and parades.  No one really does Halloween.  We saw about four or five kids trick or treating.
Also on the first we had Day of the Dead where everyone went to the cementery with flowers.  We went as well and went around teaching the plan of salvation to people, about how they can live with there loved ones after this life.  A few people received us and it went well.  Of course, it was a little weird, but it went well and we were able to teach some good people.  We didn't exactly know how to approach it without being insensitive, but it ended up going very well.

Anyway, we worked hard this week and we ended the transfer well.  I'm understanding how satisfying it is to end the day exhausted and how disappointing it is when you realize that you didn't work as hard as you could have.  We learned a lot these past few weeks, especially about where to focus our efforts and how to work better, and we had a great few weeks.
Hope is such a simple principle, but a powerful one.  We hope for things which are not seen, but which are true.  This grows our faith.  The two go together.  We can't always tell what good things are ahead, but we simply hope that good will come as we choose the right.  It is a simple and beautiful concept, one that really does make an anchor for our soul.  It provides the motivation to press forward, to have faith, and to do good.  God is merciful and provides us with the evidence of the validity of our hope by blessing us and providing us with daily tender mercies, accompanied by the peace and joy that come with righteousness.

I love God. I love serving Him.

Elder Peck

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