Thursday, November 13, 2014

This Week!


So this week went pretty well.  I got to know my new companion, Elder C, and he got to know the sector.  Elder C is awesome.  He's got about 5 months in the mission and is from the jungle part of Peru.  Hes a funny guy and has great enthusiasm for the work.

This week we did a couple of fun things.  We played soccer with some investigators, had a picture taking ward activity, and went to the beach today as a zone.  The 20 or so of us missionaries in the stake went to the beach and made anticuchos, or meat shishkabob things on a shopping cart that our zone leader bought or found.  We played volleyball and soccer and had a good time.

The thing I learned this week that had the biggest impact on me this week is the importance of action in faith.  Everything that we do to grow our faith requires us to act, to start doing something we weren't doing before.  Whether we have many years as members of the church or few, or if we are not members, we can't grow our faith without acting.  Those who grow their faith are happy and have enthusiasm to go forward and are excited for the future.  Those who settle for the knowledge they have gained and the faith they already have don't have that same enthusiasm.  They don't really feel like getting up and getting going.  Growing your faith requires us to get going, and when we do, we will feel like going even further.  Things get even better.  It's way cool.  In the Book of Mormon there is a scripture that says that we have to awake and start moving and it is found in Alma 32:27.
Read it, and then read the rest of the chapter to find how to be happy.  And it works!

Thanks again for your prayers and support.

Elder Peck

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