Thursday, January 30, 2014

Week Two

This week has been great, and as I have only a little bit of time, this email is going to be a little random.

Life is good here, the weather is great and we are all staying super busy. Even though we are inside most of the day, we study outside sometimes which is really nice.
Today is great, we have played a lot of volleyball and have taken care of a few things.
The food is super good.  We have tacos everyday for lunch and meat for every meal pretty much.  And like good meat.  I had three steaks for lunch the other day, so I'm getting fed! 
The other day we were teaching an investigator and we accidentally told him that the Atonement cleanses us of our fish, because Pescados are fish and Pecados are sins haha!
Oh, and Hermana H is from Allen and she knows my friends from there!  And, weirdly enough we saw each other at a concert in Provo.  She was roommates with one of my friends and I took their picture at the concert, which was crazy. 
We have awesome teachers here and I want to be like them.  Hermana V is our instructor, and Hermanos O, H, and V are also instructors and they are the best! They are all learning English while they teach us Spanish.

I have learned a lot while I have been here.  I have learned to pray more fervently, to talk with God.  I have learned that leadership is about humility and letting the Spirit guide, and that preparation is key.  I cannot wait to go out and preach this gospel in Chile.  I love you!

Elder Peck

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