Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week Three in the CCM

I just finished my third week in the CCM! Today is the midpoint of my training in Mexico and so far the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. 
Highpoint of the week was actually today.  We went to the Mexico City Temple Vistors Center.  The temple is closed, so we only got to see the outside, but the visitors center is awesome.  Its super high tech, and really well done.  Everything is in Spanish and it is very Mexican themed.  
 The temple is beautiful.  It is styled kind of after a Mayan temple.  It looks like a giant pyramid with an angel on top.  It made me think about the blessings the temple has brought into my life and the blessings it can bring into countless others lives.  Even though it was closed, I still felt the Spirit of the temple on the outside.  
We also got to leave the CCM grounds for a bit and drive through Mexico City, which is always an adventure.  There are all these random people in the street selling sketchy food and washing windshields at red lights.  Cars drive a million miles an hour and the roads make zero sense.  But it is so cool.  It makes me want to get out into the field right now and start sharing the gospel and getting to know people!

This week, I gained a greater belief in prayer.  I know that we can talk with God through prayer and that He hears and answers us, not always according to our desired time frame, and not always the answer we desire, but He always listens and answers if we ask sincerely. 
Also, read the Book of Mormon.  It is true.  Its actually pretty exciting to read as well.  Read it, know it, and come to love it.  I have become a much better person because of my study of the Book of Mormon.  Don´t fear it if you have never read it.  Start with the introduction, and keep reading, continuing with first Nephi chapter one after the intro.
Thanks for yours thoughts, prayers, letters, and emails everyone! Los vemos
Elder Peck

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