Tuesday, February 25, 2014

On my way!

Apostles, General Authorities and spouses at the dedication of the CCM February 9, 2014
Elder Peck and his District at the same sign February 24, 2014.  Future leaders.
This last week has flown by, and it looks like I am leaving today at 3 for Chile! I have a 6 hour layover in Santiago, then a one hour flight to the mission home in Concepcion.  I cant wait! Today is going to be so good.  The time at the MTC (CCM) has gone by so fast and I have learned more than I expected.  I cannot wait to start my service.
Yesterday I went to a devotional that was a rebroadcast of a Provo MTC devotional by Elder David A Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve.  It was so good, and I think what he said will have a great impact on how I serve.  He quoted Neal A Maxwell who said something to the effect of: There would have been no atoning sacrifice without the character of Christ.  This is something that has much more meaning than we think.  Elder Bednar based his entire hour long discourse on this quote.  The main idea was that when the natural man in us would turn inward, Christ turned outward.  When Christ was tempted after fasting for forty days, He did not give in because in doing so, He would be using His power to serve Himself.  When in the garden, having had three apostles fall asleep and not keep watch during His suffering and having one apostle completely betrayed Him, he healed the injured ear of one of the guards that captured Him.  He did not ask for a single bit of sympathy or attention from anyone.  He did not expect people to feel sorrow for Him and administer of Him after suffering the pain and sin of everyone who had and would live on this Earth.  He ministered.  We can do the same.  Remember that Christ suffered all, and even that was not an excuse to turn inward and focus on Himself.  Another theme that was brought up in this devotional and has been a continuing theme throughout my time at the CCM is that turning out is a step in conversion. Knowing that Jesus is my Savior is one thing.  Acting on His commandments and letting the doctrine change my life is another. Strive for conversion, rather than only testimony. 
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Es lo mejor!
Elder Peck

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