Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I leave on Monday!

This week has been good. Lots of fun stuff and spiritual experiences. 
We played soccer last P Day.  Gringos vs Latinos and somehow we won. We have been playing baseball too, except we usually play as district with a tennis ball and racket because we don't have a bat or ball.  Its so fun though!
Ive been have some interesting conversations with our Latino roommates to practice my Spanish.  We talk about everything from Bigfoot to hamburgers.
And I don't know why, but Mexico is always on fire. We always see these huge raging fires on the mountains, far away from the CCM, but still big enough to see. Also got a haircut today.  The haircut is free, and they cut it the same way for everyone haha!
Highlight of the week: my cousin Elder Michael Clark came to the CCM today! It was so good to see him! He brought me some tacos and I brought him some Reese's.  We talked about all kinds of stuff.  He stayed for about an hour, and then left to go teach.  
This week I learned the power of prayer.  You can pray to your Father in heaven at any time and any place.  He listens and answers, especially when you pray sincerely.  Talk with God, discuss your thoughts, concerns, fears, doubts, and questions.  Express gratitude and praise.  Pray like you are speaking with a friend, because you are.  He listens and answers.  I know that this is true.  Have faith that he listens! Don't doubt that your Father hears you.  Never think that you are unworthy to address Him.  When you feel unworthy or down, that is the best and most vital time to talk with God.  He wants to hear you the most then! Trust that He will answer.  
This Church is the Church of Jesus Christ. I know it is true.  Keep the faith everyone, have charity, go forward and pray often!
Elder Peck

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