Sunday, October 19, 2014



So this week was interesting.  The zone leaders did a surprise intercambio with my comp and I, so I worked for two days with Elder E, and my comp worked for two days with Elder G, just as I did at the end of my training.  Same zone leader too, even tho I was in a different zone.
Anyway, the first morning, I got really sick all of a sudden.  It was weird.  So, as is tradition in Chile, I immediatley began recieving all kinds of weird Chilean remedies.  After rubbing healing oils on my throat and drinking Jarabe juice made from the leaves of this plant I dont know,  I was finally able to get a hold of some legitimate medicine haha!  I worked all the first day, but the mission nurse told me to rest the next day.  We worked a little anyway but I rested most of the day.  Anyway, its been a weird week, trying to get over it.  Im getting a lot better and Ive been able to work fine this week. My comp gave me a blessing, after which I got quite a bit better.
But, something really cool also happened.  We had some training meetings witht the Mission President which was really good.  Afterwards, one of the assistants, Elder R came and worked with us in our sector.  He is from San Antonio Texas, so it was cool working with another Texan.  He actually started his mission in our sector, so he took us to some people that he taught that were progressing but never got baptized.  We found one family.  The husband is looking for work and they expressed that our return visit after one year was very timely.  The husband accepted a baptismal date and we are going to be working with that family a lot the coming month.
Exciting stuff.  My comp and I are working hard to talk with everyone we can and to help our investigators progress.  It's awesome.  The Lord answers prayers and hears us.  I love my Father in Heaven.

Elder Peck

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