Monday, October 27, 2014

Read the Book of Mormon!

So this week was fantastic.

We are working really hard as a companionship to talk with more people and for more people to teach.  It's working really well! We found three great families that can progress and are receptive.  We are always wiped out at the end of the day, but we are being blessed with more people to teach and we are feeling the Spirit more.  I'm so grateful for Gods help and the guidance of the Spirit in our labors this week.

So, we went to this outdoor market to talk to people about our English class (which by the way is increasing in size finally).  There were a ton a people there, selling all kinds of fruits and vegetables and stuff.  This guy, whom I'm assuming was drunk, came a gave me a very kinda snuggly(?) hug and asked me to bless him haha.  So we said a prayer with him right there and then he gave us each a very long hug and left haha! It was so weird. Today we had a zone activity and played soccer and volleyball and ate sopaipillas.

Anyway, read Ether 12 in the Book of Mormon.
The Book of Mormon is true.  Once we know that, and once those we teach know that, there is little that can keep us back from the happiness that comes from knowing that the gospel is true.  As it says in Ether, faith gives us hope for a better world, and allows us to progress, even when we can't see ahead.
He offers an invitation at the end, to seek after this Jesus of whom the prophets have spoken.  Just try it.  Doubt not because ye see not.  We are not going to know until after the trial of our faith.  Of that I know.  God lives and He answers prayers.  He answers prayers. Just trust Him enough to follow Him, and you'll see that all that is said of Him is true.

Elder Peck

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