Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Excellent week



So this week was another excellent week.  Our investigators are progressing well and we found a few more that are really good!

So the best thing that happened was that the Diaz A family came to church!  So, the family consists of D, the dad who is paralyzed from the neck down, D, the mom, and the kids, V, M, and M.  D, D, and V all accepted baptismal dates for November and M and M are too young.  D and V came the last Sunday, and this Sunday was the first time for D.  Getting D to church in his wheelchair is a little complicated because they don't have a car and the church is far. It was a ward effort to get him there, two families helped take him and the wheelchair to and from the church and helped him in and out of the car and the church.  They loved the church and were grateful (as are we) for all the help of the ward members. 

Also, this week we found several new investigators, but the best are a mom and daughter named P and N.  We contacted them in the street and later stopped by their house.  They let us in and we taught them about the Restoration.  We went by again on Sunday with a few ward members and they helped us a bunch gain their confidence and teach the lesson.  We are excited to see their progress. 

Also, I ate a 2 foot long completo today and we played soccer with two zones and a few members in the morning!  Fun stuff.

Anyway, we are very grateful for the Lords help this week.  This is His work and He does it according to His will. Thanks for your prayers and emails!

Elder Peck

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