Monday, November 2, 2015

Another week


So even though this week didn't yield to great of results, we worked super super hard, so we are happy about that.

It was a good week thought!  On Tuesday I went to another sector in the zone and worked with Elder G! It reminded me of my first sector which was also a really small town.  Later in the week President Bluth came down for interviews and we had a zone conference during the interviews.  It was good to talk with President Bluth and Hermana Bluth taught us how to direct music and made us chocolate chip cookies.  Later we worked with the Assistants, which went well and we learned some things we can do to improve the work here in our sector.

In General Conference someone made the invitation to everyone to ask in prayer, What like I yet? or What is impeding my progress? As I have practiced this principle, I have felt the need to make several small changes in my behavior, some things I had noticed before and others I hadn't.  I'm enjoying practicing this principle and its really helpful and allows me to to progress step by step.

Thanks for everything and ponderize!

Elder Peck

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