Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cambios Transfers

Elder P and his new companion


Another awesome week.  We are seeing even more changes in my sector.  We found out our transfers today and they told me I'm heading to a new sector! I'm heading way up north, almost to Concepcion, a sector on the coast.  All I know is that it is cool, smells like fish, and that my companion is named Elder U.  I'm  super stoked but I'm going to miss my sector here and my last companion.

This week was really good.  We had a conference of the whole mission to say goodbye to our Mission President.  I saw some some of the Elders I came with and others I have met since being here.  It was sad because we all love Presidente and Hermana Martinez, but we are excited for the new president and his wife to come.  We sang a lot and gave them a book and video featuring everyone in the mission entiled Gracias a Usteded, or Because of You (Y'all).  Also, they did something really cool.  They passed the microphone around and every missionary bore there testimony and shared simply what they knew to be true. The testimonies were short, but heartfelt and powerful.  It took almost three hours to get every one of the 250 more or less missionaries a chance to share, but it was a really great and powerful experience. 

Also, we had a big asado, or barbeque kinda thing, yesterday with one of the families here.  It was sooooo good.  Chileans are good with their meat.

Awesome huge ham and avocado sandwich thing!
Anyways, that's all the big news for me.  One thing that I have learned this week is the power of diligence.  A lot of times we do things to go through the motions.  We do them consistently, but not diligently.   But one thing I have found out is that if we choose the right through diligence, God blesses us in ways we can't imagine.  We do it because we want to, rather than have to.  We keep it up, we do not "weary in well doing."  We work and continue forward through trials because we know that that is what Gods want us to do.  If we work hard diligently, we are going to be able to do all things that Gods wants us to do. 

Love you guys and thanks for everything. 

Elder Peck
Michael Jordan posters that were in our house when we moved in.
View of Los Sauces

Los Sauces

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