Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This week

This week has been a long but good week.  We found a lady contacting who said that she had been praying for a chance to come unto Christ and we showed up the next day.  She already has a date for her baptism! It was excting to find her.  Also our investigator Carmen is progressing really well.  She said that without a doubt she will be baptized in our church, but she doesn't know when.  We are helping her with that. 
Something I learned this week is that the gospel of Jesus Christ is amazing.  It really is.  When we put the gospel, along with the will of God, as the first priority in our lives, life is full of happiness and contentment.  It is strong, firm, a base in which we can and should build our foundation.  All we have to do is do it.  Thats why we preach this gospel, to provide an anchor and a guide for each person to achieve the maximum amount of blessings in this life and eternal life afterwards.  I love this gospel and pray that those we teach will accept it. 
Elder Peck

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