Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Elder Peck and new comp Elder I

So huge change in the work here in Chile.  I'm training a new elder, Elder I. He's way cool and already an amazing missionary.  He is from Kayesville Utah and has great enthusiasm for the work and some great ideas we are putting into practice.  I am so excited to work with him and we have had some fun this week. 

So Monday I found out I was training and that my comp was leaving.  So that whole day we just went around and he said goodbye to everyone.  Then on Tuesday, we dropped him off in Concepcion to take the bus to his new sector.  I still didn't have a comp, so I was in a trio for the day.  On Wednesday I went back to Concepcion to pick up my "son".  We had a conference with the mission president and then all the dads met their sons and we went back to our sectors.  We talked about Chile and stuff on the way home and we went around and met some members and investigators.  The next day, we were contacting and he saw a man dragging a box up a hill. Elder I said, Lets go help that guy.  So we did.  He helped him carry the box up the hill, he let us in his house, we shared a lesson with him, and he said that we could come back and share more with him and his daughter! It was way cool.
Also a weird guy waved us over while we were by the coast and had us help him de-barnacle clam shells.  We washed our hands on the beach after. 
We built a fence with a lady with whom we ate lunch.  We also had an activity called Trip to China, where we made Chinese food and taught about the Plan of Salvation. 

Anyway, it has been a great week. I love the work.  Excitement and love for the work is what pushes it forward.  Not excitement from ignorance, but of a realization of how great the Lord and His work are.  Going forward with faith that God really will prevail, that His work is going to move on no matter what.  I love that truth, that Gods work moves on.  An investigator told us in a lesson the other day, after asking him who God was to him, that He is a being that lives.  And that's it.  I loved his response. A being that lives.  He really does live.  Even though we can't seem Him, we know He lives by our faith and what we have seen.  Sometimes I wonder if we really need faith, when He has given us so much evidence of His existence! If we look, we can see His hand daily.   I love the Lord and His perfect knowledge of us.

Elder Peck

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