Friday, January 16, 2015

Almost a year


Killing a sheep
Chapel in Coronel

Chapel in Loncoche

Coronel district


So this week I get a year in the mission!

Anyway, so this week we found several new investigators that we are excited about.  We saw the hand of the Lord often this week and we are very grateful for it.

One of our investigators told us her parents' house burned down this week, so we told her we would help build a new one.  The next day we went way out into the countryside to the farm where their parents and grandparents live.  They gave us some breakfast and we started building the house.  My comp and I dug the holes for the tree trunk foundations they later put in and basically dug around the site all day, making room for the house itself. They gave us lunch, a bunch of chicken and sausage cooked on a huge metal disc.  It was fun.

So that was about it for this week.  My comp and I are working hard to find people to teach and to help those we currently teach to increase there faith.  Its going well and I'm learning more and more everyday.

Elder Peck

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