Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Fishing like a Chilean






So this week went really well.  We are more than excited for one of our investigators, J, who is preparing to get baptized in two weeks.  He is really excited and we are doing all we can to help him get there! It really has been a blessing from our Heavenly Father to be able to find and work with J.  We are blessed and doing our best to thank Him for the chance to teach J.

Anyway, this week went well.  We've had some ups and downs: one of our investigators dropped us, but J is progressing great.  But as always things are moving forward.

I've recently been reading two great books: Our Search for Happiness and Jesus the Christ.  The first one I recommend to all who are not members of the Church.  Its really short and really great about explaining our beliefs and establishing understanding between religions.

In Jesus the Christ I read a quote that about how service to God is as much of an honor as it is a duty.  We should treasure the opportunity we have to serve God while we recognize it as our duty.  I have learned much more about my Savior and his life and sacrifice in my study, and I am very grateful to Him for all He has done for us.  Jesus is the best example for us to follow.  The way He lived His life is the way we should try to live ours: standing up for righteousness, loving and serving others, working hard and doing good.  Let's be more like Christ, live how He lived, as well as thank Him for what He did.

Thanks for everything!

Elder Peck

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