Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lift Where You Stand


So this week went really well.  We are really excited here because we have several great investigators, one of whom is planning on getting baptized soon.  We will be working hard with him and praying so that he is prepared and ready to do so.  The others are progressing great, coming to church, and we are finding new investigators weekly.  We are really grateful to the Lord for His blessings.

We recently read a talk as a mission about Lifting where you stand, as I believe it's called in English.  It's about serving God in whatever position He puts you in.  Often we are put in positions that we feel like are lower than what we are qualified or capable of, and often the Lord puts us in places in which we do not feel qualified or prepared.  We are to serve Him the best we can wherever we are.  The writer gave an example of a pen he would use.  He said that the pen would never complain about how it was used, whether it was used for important documents or for daily to do lists and unimportant tasks.  It wouldn't complain about when or where or why or how it was used.  It would work faithfully every time.  In this we we should serve God without complaint in whatever situation we are placed in.  In this way God accomplishes His work He has for His children and how He strengthens us individually.

Love you all and thanks for the birthday wishes! Have a great week!

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