Monday, July 27, 2015


Elder C


So this week we had a baptism!

We ve been working with a family for almost 3 months, and four of them were baptized on Saturday! The service was great and all four were confirmed on Sunday.  It was truly a blessing to see them finally take this step. They were pretty excited and it was great to be able to help them get to this point.  We are stoked to keep teaching them as members of the church!

So this week we mainly ran around getting the baptism ready.  I also had the chance to do the baptismal interviews of two yound kids a boy named R and a 10 year old girl named I.  It was one of my favorite memories, seeing how seriously and reverently these two kids took baptism.  They had very simple testimonies and were very humble.

Also, as a zone we did a grand intercambio, and Elder Quintero from Colombia worked with me in my sector.  He is a great missionary, and he only has thee weeks in the mission. We had a good time working together.

Anyway, it was a great week and we are looking forward to the next week.  Thanks for your emails and letters and have a great week!

Elder Peck

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