Monday, August 17, 2015

19 months!!!

Me, Hermana A, Elder R

Group of missionaries that served in Los Sauces


This week!

Not a ton happened this week, so this is going to be a short email.

First and foremost,  I completed 19 months in the mission.  Sadly that leaves me with 4 more, as they cut off a few weeks of my mission due to flight scheduling.  So, got a few more months left to work!

Also, we had a good week.  We are finding new investigators and we got to go to the baptism of an investigator from the other ward.  She was really prepared for it and gave a beautiful testimony.

Also, we made some progress with Z.  She finally has made the decision to be baptized, but is still afraid to tell her parents, which is why she still hasn't accepted a baptismal date.  We are working hard to help her out and know that we will see miracles this week.

I love the mission.  We see miracles often and we've learned how to make miracles happen.  I've learned that God wants us to do certain things for a reason.  Obedience is important because He is in charge not us.  This principle is important now and in life.  We often need miracles, and obedience brings blessings.

Im looking forward to this coming week and hope everyone is doing well!

Elder Peck

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