Monday, September 7, 2015

Snow and miracle family


So we just got from a trip to the mountains! We went up to a lake up in the mountains. It was snowing super super hard and it was freezing, but really fun anyway.
We had a zone conference on Thursday and a recent convert came to share his testimony.  He gave my comp and I a referral for a family that lives in our Ward, but outside the city, in a Little rural town called Santa Fe.  We went out and met them on Saturday and the lesson was excellent.  They are a family of five.  They were baptized before, but didnt fell like they were born again like they wanted to be.  We explained priesthood authority and the importance of the gift of the Holy Ghost.  They looked at each other and said that that was what they lacked.  They had knelt in prayer previously as a couple to pray about why the church they had previosuly joine didnt feel right and they made the decisión to not stay in that church and to keep looking.  They accpeted a baptismal date, but didnt come to church on Sunday. So were excited to see how they progress and hopefully they came next week!

On Sunday the family that had us over for dinner had a huge family cookout which was fun.  It reminded me a little bit of my family having cookouts at home, so it was a memorable experience.

I learned this week that when we are baptized and when we take the sacrament we promise God that we are willing to keep His commandments, rember His Son and take the name of Christ upon us. As long as we are willing to do those things, the Spirit will be with us.  This promise doesnt inlcude never messing up, it means as long as we are willing to keep the commandments (including repenting when necessary) we can have the Spirit with us.  Also, when we are truly willing the keep the commandments, we wont want to sin and it will be harder to fall into temptation.  God is very merciful and it really is only through Christ that we are saved.  I love this góspel and what it teaches.  Have a great week!

Elder Peck

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