Monday, March 17, 2014

Chile - Week Three

Between Angol and Temuco
He found his Dad's illustrations with the stories in Spanish

Chilean cemetery

Huequen from the hill

This week has been awesome! So many great things have happened but theres no way I can write all of them. Ill try to cover the highlights.
So we ate a ton this week.  In Chile, they eat a small breakfast, huge lunch, and "once" or a small dinner.  When we eat lunch with members its usually three courses, which I always forget.  So Ill like eat this huge salad and be full and ready to leave and then they bring out this ridiculous amount of pasta or something.  Then they whip out some super delicious dessert.  Almost every meal includes a salad (usually just made of sliced tomatoes with some kind of seasoning), some kind of noodle pasta thing, bread, and Coke or juice.  Its usually really good and there is always just a ton of food to eat, which is awesome.
We are at the house a little more this week because we are hand washing our clothes now. The sister who did our laundry broke her hand and cant do it anymore.
In other news, the other day and guy we are teaching asked us to come over to catch a bunch of chickens, which was interesting.  Then he gave us a whole bag of fresh grapes with which we made some pretty darn good grape juice.  They grow grapes everywhere here.
But the highlight of this week happened last Monday.  We were on our way home from Concepcion and we had to connect through another city to get home.  However, when we got to the other city, which is probably 30 or 40 miles from our house, it was really late and had missed the last bus home.  We had no phone and it was 10pm.  So we started walking to our sector, trying to hitch hike our way home.  Cars kept passing for probably 20 min. Knowing that it wasnt really possible to walk home that late at night without knowing exactly where to go, we decided to kneel and pray there on the side of the road. In the prayer, my companion asked that the next car to pass would meet our needs and bring us safely back to our sector. We said amen, got up, and started walking again.  After a few minutes we saw headlights behind us.  We turned and waved to get their attention.  The car passed, but turning around, we saw that he was pulling over to the side! We ran up to the car, asked if they were going to our sector, they were, so he hopped in and drove safely back home.  It was a definite and clear answer to prayer.  It strengthened my faith, as it was definitely a test of faith.  God hears us.  God gives specific answers to specific prayers.  I know God lives, with all my heart.  While my faith does not depend on experiences like this, they sure strengthen my faith and knowledge.
Keep up the good work and thanks for everything!
Elder Peck

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