Friday, March 14, 2014

Chile - Week Two

Elders, Hermanas, and new member in his area - this pic is from last week
This week has been great.  Still getting used to Chile and the culture here.  I still can't really understand anyone haha but hopefully Ill pick it up quickly.
No crazy baptism this week, but it was just a lot of work and a lot of travel.  I am in Concepcion right now, which is about a 5 hour bus ride from my sector.  Last Monday we traveled to our stake center which is about 30 min away for zone activity where we did Minute to Win It and soccer.  We went back Tuesday morning for zone conference and then again that night to stay the night with some other Elders to catch a bus early in the morning to a conference for the southern half of the mission.  It was great.  I saw several Elders from my district in the CCM which was great, as well as heard some great talks.  Our mission president spoke, and it was amazing.  While he was telling us his conversion story, he showed us some pictures of the missionaries that taught him the lessons.  Then he said, "Now Id like you to meet the missionaries that brought me the gospel," and two older guys walked up on the stand.  He brought the same missionaries that baptized him to the mission conference!! They both spoke and it was so cool.  We then had lunch.  They fed us super good tacos, which are super unChilean, but they were good anyway.  It was a great conference.  
Other than that, we just did regular missionary stuff all week.  Preaching the gospel! He had a family home evening activity at the Church on Friday which was fun. Sunday I gave a 15min talk, which was scary but went well I think. Today I'm in Concepcion where I just ate some Dominos pizza, the first somewhat American food I've had in forever! There's like one Dominos in the mission. It was so good haha!
Anyway, this week Ive just strengthened my testimony of the power of prayer.  We invite everyone to pray.  Why? Because it works! When the people we are teaching stop praying, they immediately begin to doubt.  Temptations are stronger, they are unhappy, and they start making wrong decisions.  But if they choose on their own to go and pray to their Heavenly Father, He hears them, answers them, and helps them out.  He comforts, uplifts, and protects them.  Life is better when you pray.  In my life, prayer has always helped me in ways I don't always expect.  Its so nice.  Praying plays a big role on a mission and in everyday life.  If you're struggling with something, pray.  Pray sincerely, taking the time to really communicate your feelings and thoughts with God.  He listens.  I know that this is true.  
Have a great week everyone and thanks for your support!
Elder Peck

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