Monday, March 31, 2014

Halo Everyone!

Waterfall at Salto Rayen

This week has been interesting.  It is starting to rain here and its getting super cold. Nevertheless, we are still eating a ton.  This week my comp and I made a huge almuerzo of rice chicken eggs bread hot dogs and juice.  The next day we bought a ton of food to feed a family we visit but they canceled, so we were left with all these bags of food.  So we went to the church, invited the Sister missionaries in our sector, and made a bunch of really good quesadillas with rice.
Over the past few weeks weve been hearing cats in our roof and they were getting super annoying.  So Elder Padilla and I went up and pulled out three little kittens.  We kept them in a cage in our house for a while and gave them some milk and stuff.  We later found the mom and returned them to her in the backyard.  We named them Kuky, Tody, and Frac, after our three favorite brands of cookies here. 
Hike to Salto Rayen
Anyway, this week Ive been learning more about faith.  Honestly, missions arent easy.  Its difficult going around everyday trying to communicate when there is a huge culture and language barrier between you and the people.  A lot of people dont take you seriously and few accept the message.  Even then its difficult to help them continue.  Its easy to get discouraged.  However, Ive realized that when I get in this situation, I need to practice what I teach every day.  I need to apply faith.  From where I am now, I cant see myself as a Spanish speaker somewhere in the future.  I cant see myself as being the kind of missionary I want to be.  But if I put my trust in God, have faith that I have been called of God, and work as hard as I can going forward, He will make up the rest.  Like it says in the Book of Mormon, faith is like a seed.  It takes a while to turn into a tree, but it will eventually if we work to nourish it.  So, having that principle in mind, I have started to walk out the door each day knowing that it wont be easy, but trusting that it will be alright.  That eventually, Heavenly Father will make me a tool in His hands if I put in the work.
Thank you so much everybody for the emails and support.  It means a lot to me and its so good to hear from you.  Have a great week!
Elder Peck
Chilean Birthday

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