Monday, April 7, 2014

El Salto, El Intercambio, y La Conferencia General

Rainbow in Los Angeles
Salto Reyen waterfall
This week flew by. Last Monday, we went on a three or four mile hike to Salto Reyen for Preparation Day. There was beautiful scenery the whole way and the waterfall was awesome.

This week we did companionship exchanges with the entire zone, about 30 missionaries in the nearby area. My companion was Elder D from Uruguay and we were assigned to work in my sector, leaving me in charge of the work for the day. He doesn't speak English, so we spoke Spanish all day.

We contacted all day, knocking doors and talking in the street. The appointments we had fell through and we started running out of doors to knock in the small town where we live. It was the end of the day and I had run out of ideas. We were walking down the street and we had the thought to turn around and knock on the door of a house we just passed. When we knocked on the door, a woman pulled up in her car in front of the house. She walked to the house across the street, so we turned and knocked on that door, as no one lived in the house we contacted first. She invited us in. She was ready for the gospel. She's Catholic and treasures her Bible and showed us the cool knitted cover she had made for it. We shared with her the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and our testimonies as well. She had great, thought provoking questions and perfect responses to our questions. She received the message with an open heart and mind. We plan to visit her again soon. I am not sure what will happen with her, but its easy to tell that God is preparing people to receive the truth.

Bridge in Trintre

Our friend Mario is also doing good. He attends the entire service every Sunday and is willing to serve in the Church. He always wants to help and inspires me daily. He looks for ways to help, rather than looking for ways to serve himself.
Other highlight of the week: General Conference. The General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a meeting in which the prophet, the president of the Church, and the twelve Apostles, as well as other Church leaders address all the members of the Church in the world.
Haven't missed a priesthood sesión without having ice cream haha

The conference is meant for everyone, members of the Church or not. If you are not a member, go watch or listen or read some of the talks give. They can be found on There are inspiring and will help you gain perspective, comfort, and guidance. The talks given there are not the words solely of the people who spoke, but they are what God wants us to know at this time. A topic that stood out out me was obedience. The example was given of a team of horses. The driver of the horses knows the best way to direct the team. The horses may not understand why the driver want them to go a certain direction, but if they obey with exactness to every tug of the reins, he will lead them in the best way down the right path. We may not know the reasons for commandments, but we obey them because we know that they were given by God. He is in control and He knows whats best. Lets exercise a little faith and follow Him, regardless of whether we fully comprehend why He has asked us to do something.
Anyways, thanks again for all the emails and support! God speed. Que le vaya bien...
Elder Peck

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