Monday, May 5, 2014

Another Week


So this week flew by.  I cant even remember everything we did.  But there were a couple highlights for me personally.  No baptisms or super amazing miracles, other than simply the miracle of the gospel and of me being in Chile, but simple good things that make life better.

I had an intercambio, or exchanges, with my zone leader because my 12 week training is about to be over.  Crazy.  But it went really well. It was for 48 hours and with Elder G, a super loud and outspoken Argentinean.  Hes a super great missionary and I learned a lot from him.  He came to my sector and I was in charge of the plans and the work for those two days.  I was a little stressed out because I figured he expected a lot out of me.  It went pretty well.  The plans we made went well and we made some good progress here in the sector. Haha I was a little embarrassed the first day because we had planned to visit Christian but I couldn't remember where he lived.  I knew the street tho, so we went and started knocking doors in that street.  We got to the house that I thought was Christians and knocked.  Someone inside said "Christian!" and I was relieved for a second until a little kid came to the window and said hello.  He said his name was Christian.  The Christian we were looking for is about 40.  Either way we were really smooth about it and introduced ourselves as missionaries and amazingly they invited us in and we taught a really good lesson.  We taught another lesson to a family we contacted the next day and it went really well.  I have never felt the Spirit that strongly in a lesson before.

This is the young man  Elder Peck's baptized during his first week in Chile.
He left for the army after this picture was taken.
Either way, I was relieved to have my English speaking companion back on Friday.  Saturday and Sunday we went to Stake Conference with all the congregations of the Church in the area.  It was really great and I was glad to be able to understand about 90 percent of what they were saying, as they speak much more proper and clearer in talks than they do in conversation.  I guess I know a bit more Spanish than I thought, which is good.
Buses they take every week

Something that I have learned this week is that Big changes require big actions.  Being in charge of my sector with an only Spanish speaking comp for two days stretched me a little I think.  It helped me to see the bigger picture and to grow as a missionary.  I remember before I left the mission president of the Dallas Texas mission taught us that hard is good.  Hard is good.  I love hard things.  I hate them when I'm going through them sometimes haha but I love having done something hard.  Hard is good.  Do hard things, and God will be there to help you out.  Never fear, but persevere.  A lifetime of hard is better than a lifetime of weakness.
Les quiero and keep the faith.

Elder Peck.

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