Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Ill make it short this week.  This week has been really crazy for me and really great in many ways.  First off, I got a new companion! Elder N.  He's super awesome.  He is from Utah and has eight months in the mission.  He is a fantastic missionary and is so excited to work.  We worked really hard this week and accomplished a lot.  He is not a native speaker like my last companion was, so we are both working together more and teaching about equally. 

But anyway, the week started off with the transfers, where the four missionaries in my sector piled in the back of a truck with all their suitcases and headed for the bus station.  We picked up my new companion and the two new elders that are also working in my sector now.  We are still living in the same house, but we are going to move in with the other elders in the nice house next week. 

We have been working a lot more with the members.  We had a correlation with our ward mission leader, Mario, and we did splits two days between the four elders and three members of the ward to go find inactive members of the branch. We are having a lot of success in finding and reactivating, and the work is accelerating. 

Now were are still trying to work as much as we can with the members as well as trying to organize the sector.  There is a lot of work to do and I'm stoked to keep it moving. 

The secret to feeling the Spirit is work.  When we are stagnant in our spiritual progression, I think Heavenly Father waits a bit for us to start moving, and then He blesses us with answers to questions and the blessings we desire.  Work hard.  That's the key. 

Anyways, love you all and thanks for the support.  Go hug someone and smile.  Life is good.  Lets make it better. 

Elder Peck

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