Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day


So this week was so great.  On Sunday I had the opportunity to Skype with my family.  What a blessing.  I love my family and I know that families can live happily together here on earth as well as hereafter.  Familes are ordained of God.  They are set up to strengthen us as individuals and push us along in our progress back to Heavenly Father.  A family that is established on the fundamentals, as well as principles and ordinances, of the gospel is one of the greatest blessings someone can receive in this life. 
If your family is not strong or you dont feel a great desire to live with them for eternity, realize that the gospel of Jesus Christ is here also to strengthen families.  The gospel is something real and active that we can use to find happiness and peace here in life and overcome the challenges and problems that come to everyone.

So that was really great.  I dont know if you can tell  but I liked it a lot.  Other than that, I cant really remember what else happened this week.  A returned missionary came to Church here in my sector on Sunday.  He and his father who came also are from Texas, and he served here about a year ago I think.  It was funny to have four Texans in a Chilean congregation of about 25. 

They are installing a heating system in the chapel here, which is great, to replace the wood stove.  And we just got a washer in our house! I cant remember if I already mentioned that.  If so, Im just really excited about it.  We have all kinds of clothes lines inside and outside of our house now drying clothes because we like washing clothes haha. 

Other highlights of the week were an intercambio with my district leader Elder Ricks.  I stayed over in his sector and we worked there for a day.  It went well and I learned a lot.  Also we had a training meeting and interviews with our mission president.  I learned a lot from that, especially about working with members of the church.  Also he helped us gain a little perspective by having us think about our lives after the mission, long term and short term goals, and what our goals are as missionaries as well as young men and women.  It helped me gain some perspective and helped my focus. 

Never forget to love.  Love what you do.  Love those who are around you.  Look for the good in people.  This is how Christ ministered.  Never work against people but work with them.  Keep Christ in mind and remember always to follow His perfect example.  I love all of you and am grateful for your support.  Helaman 5:12.

Elder Peck

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