Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Good job Germany!

New friends. Family in Los Sauces

Hey everyone

This week went well.  We found a great new family. They are amazing.  There are four in their family, a 7 moth old and an 8 year old and the wife is a member of the Church.  It was great meeting them and finding out how prepared they are to hear the gospel message.
Other than that not much happened.  Got a haircut. Super busy week, but really good. 
But I have learned a lot spiritually this week.  Lots of personal answers to questions I have had as well as more spiritual and practical understanding.  From all that I have learned this week, the most important is love.  When we love the work and the Lord, we can do anything in this work.  Love is a qualifying feature of the work.  It is necessary.  The more we improve how we love those we serve, we indirectly improve every other aspect of our service.

I love all of you and hope all is going well.

Elder Peck
Chilean hamburger before the avocado

Chilean hamburger with avocado

Fish - before
Fish - after
More food
lame Big Mac meal

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