Wednesday, July 9, 2014


This week we had a conference with the new Mission President.  He is from Arizona and is really really good.  We talked about Joseph Smith and his experience, and how we can compare our experiences to his.  Then we celebrated the Fourth of July by flicking matches off a matchbox for fireworks and folding the Texas flag we found military style.  Then a lady in the ward made us American hamburgers.  Chileans do not know how to make American hamburgers.  They were good anyway.  Then we played soccer and ate a ton of fish.

All I can say this week is that the Spirit works through our actions.  The phrase go forward with faith means that if we want the Spirit to guide us, often we have to decide what to do first and then let the Spirit confirm our decision.

Gracias por todo and thanks for everything

Elder Peck


Morning study

Room in Coronel

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