Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This week


So this week went well.  I'm really grateful for our investigators.  Each day we are finding more or the people we have are progressing.

We also hade a sweet conference with Elder Dallin H Oaks broadcast in from Santiago.  It was way cool. He talked about teaching about the sacrament and the Sabbath Day, helping people keep commitments, and other good counsel directed to us as missionaries.  It was really good.  The whole mission got together to see it, so I got to see everyone in the mission, all my old companions and everyone I've served with.  It was great.

Also, we have transfers tomorrow! My comp is leaving and Im going to be comps with another Elder from the US.  I dont know him that well, so I'll tell you more later on.

That's about it.  Im really grateful that I had such a good week and I hope y'all have a great week too!

Elder Peck

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