Monday, April 27, 2015



So this week we saw the volcano erupt, which was cool.  It just erupted a little bit, but we could see the lava from our sector.  The ash from that volcano and a few others has been covering towns and contaminating water, but luckily we haven't been affected.

This week was great.  My new comp is awesome!  He's from Colorado and he has a little less than a year in the mission.

We had a fantastic district conference this week and our Mission President and his wife came.  It was really really good.  We got the whole branch together in the morning with a couple investigators and took a bus to the conference.

We worked hard this week and are seeing progress with  couple of investigators. We have several who are preparing for baptism, so pray for them! J and F especially.  They are really good and feeling the Spirit.  J is already like part of the branch, we just have to finish the lessons.

Hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for everything

Elder Peck

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