Monday, June 8, 2015



So this has been a super crazy week.  We've been running full speed since I got here and today I've finally had a chance to get settled in a bit haha.

So I went from a small branch at the south tip of the mission to a large ward in the very middle of the mission.  Instead of a small town in the country, I'm in the middle of one of the biggest cities in our mission, and there are tons of people.  Its awesome!  I've met several of the investigators and many of the members.  They are all cool and I'm looking forward to serving here.

My companion is the best.  His name is Elder C from Arizona and he has about 10 months in the mission.  He's a funny guy and a hard worker so were getting along well and were both pumped for this transfer.

We are teaching several good people including a woman whose name is V.  She's going to get baptized in July and is progressing really well. A little over a month ago she started getting interested in the church because her son was recently baptized.  Her son told her that he wanted an eternal family, and now, after listening to the missionaries and having several spiritual experiences, she also wants an eternal family and decided to be baptized!  We found another family this week and are teaching several other families.

In my study of the Book of Mormon this week I read about the people of Alma.  Alma was converted after hearing the words of a prophet and began to preach the gospel and established the church of God.  His followers became a happy and prosperous people, but with time God decided to test them.  Another people came and took control.  They began to dictate them, making the people of Alma work for them, giving them heavy burdens and tons of work.  The people prayed for help with all their souls, never forgetting God or getting angry at Him.  They endured the trial well.  Heavenly Father saw their diligence and faith and helped them carry their burdens by strengthening them.  They were happy and kept working.  Soon, God freed them from their captivity.

Sometimes, Heavenly Father sees that we are working hard and trying to do everything right.  He may see that as an opportunity to test us and make us stronger, to see if under pressure we will keep following Him honestly and with integrity.  With time, the trial will pass and we will emerge stronger.  God wants our success, not failure.  As we trust in or Heavenly Father, we will always walk away victorious, just like our Savior Jesus Christ.

Elder Peck

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