Tuesday, September 23, 2014


New friend S


Half way point in Chile


So this week was crazy.  We had the 18th of September, which is Chiles Independence day, and they go pretty hardcore with their parties all week.  We had a PDay (preparation day) on the 18th and went to the beach with the zone and played soccer and football and stuff, we had a huge barbecue with an investigator, and we ate another big barbecue thing the next day.  We ate tons of empanadas and all kinds of stuff. 
As this week was so crazy and all of our investigators were out of town, we worked a lot with less- active members and tried to get them back to church.  We are having success with a few of them.  I'm looking forward to this week and the work we will have. 
God lives. 
Elder Peck

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