Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hey! I love the mission!

Life is good.  We are working hard here and we are improving as servants of the Lord.  My comp is awesome and we've had some great experiences.

Interesting stuff from this week: someone stole our backpacks and Elder I's camera on Sunday in the church. Didn't see who it was, but we now have to buy new backpacks, which is lame.  Whoever took them left our scriptures though, which was nice.

Also, we had Return and Report, a conference for new missionaries and their trainers.  It was really great and spiritually uplifting.

One really neat experience I had happened last week and I forgot to mention it.  I went over to the Ortegas house, a family who has a son on a mission but are not members themselves.  They had noticed that my shoes were getting a little worn out.  During the time we were there, Brother Ortega pulled me over to the side and asked me if I needed new shoes.  I told him that mine were fine and that I had another pair.  Still, he took me into another room, and had me try on some new shoes.  They fit perfect and they were nicer than mine.  He took my old broken shoes away from me and put them in a bag and didn't let me say anything and just told me not to mention it.  I was touched by his kindness and nothing I could say would make him keep the shoes he gave me.  He wouldn't even let me thank him properly.  He just said that that is what Christ would do so he had the responsibility to do it.  I love that guy and I want to be willing to provide such selfless service.  I learned that we should just act when we see a need instead of waiting for permission.  Its a form of charity, an attribute of Christ.

Thats about it for this week.  Just keep your head up, look for opportunities to serve, and focus outward. You'll be happy.
Elder Peck

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