Thursday, September 4, 2014

This Week


So this week went by quickly but it was really good.  Sadly we didn't have much time to work this week, as we had interviews with our mission president and a district conference (kind of like stake conference) Saturday and Sunday.

The interviews took all day because our new President is trying to get to know everyone.  The interview I had with him went really well and it was awesome getting to know him better.  Also, we had interviews with his wife, and it was great to talk with her as well.  They are definitely called of God for this mission.

Also, we had district conference, to which our mission president and his wife came.  It was awesome and I learned lots of stuff.

Interesting stuff that happened this week, a drunk 12 year old hit us and tried to attack us because we wouldn't given him money.  It was sad and kind of funny at the same time.  He whacked us a couple times and spilled some beer on us, and then picked up a board and tried to hit us.  It wasn't a big deal because he was so out of it that his reflexes were pretty off and he couldn't do much.  We found out later that the guys watching from their houses later came out and whacked him around a bit and took the kids shoes off and threw them down the hill.  Interesting experience.

Anyway, I know that God always watches over us.  He controls this work, not us nor anyone else.  I've seen that more this week as I passed through a bit of sickness and a bit of difficulties caused by ignorant people. God controls this work.  His Son directs this Church.  We have a prophet who leads and guides the Church, not with his own ideas, but by actual revelation and inspiration from our Heavenly Father.

Elder Peck

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